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STP's Advance Waterproofing Products


STP Limited, a member of the Turner Morrison Group of company, is a leading quality driven organization for world-class waterproofing products, road surfacing products, anti-corrosive and construction chemical products. It has the second largest operation in the world in coal tar group of products. The clients have been counting on STP Limited since 1935 and since then it has been delivering result as one of the largest and most respected organizations in India. STP's manufacturing process is driven by the passion of excellence. Being an ISO-9001-2008 & 14007-2004 certified company; it has successfully catered to various govt. projects, private projects, railway [...]

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Sustainable Waterproofing Technology : Protecting Concrete and Environment


Sustainable Waterproofing Technology : Protecting Concrete and Environment   Water is the main cause of building decay and deterioration. Building materials have considerably shorter life span when subjected to water moisture over a prolonged period of time. The importance of waterproofing is reflected in the consequences of not doing proper waterproofing at the time of construction. Water which penetrates in concrete can have immediate and long-term effects on the building in the form of damage to building contents and even structural failure if the problem is not dealt quickly and successfully. Over the past few years, there have been technological advance- [...]

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Waterproofing for Extreme Conditions


  Protection from moisture has always been a challenge for building technology experts across the world. Waterproofing for moisture load, waterproofing in submerged condition and water proofing for soil filled structure etc. is being commonly done by the experts. The primary function of waterproofing is to ensure that structure of the building is not affected by the ingress of water and salts, but what if the structure is subjected to high chemical, temperature, solvent and mechanical loads. Remmers, a company from Germany and now in India, has introduced a unique product which is capable of handling the following loads simultaneously. This [...]

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Basement waterproofing- Requirements


Solution for Basement Waterproofing Ravindra Babu UB Marketing Manager, Fosroc Chemical India Pvt. Ltd. For the past 50 years Fosroc being world leader in construction chemical industry, and recognized as an effective solution provider in all areas of construction. Fosroc quality product can be found in nearly every major project around the globe. Every day, as the demand increases for enhanced structural integrity obsolete maintenance is the future mantra of construction industry, Fosroc products are being specified more often because they offer more long-term value. The reason goes beyond innovation and superior product performance. Fosroc customers credit the association of our [...]

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