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Development Of Light Weight Concrete


By Dhawal Desai IIT Bombay ABSTRACT  This paper deals with the development of two types of lightweight concrete the one using lightweight aggregate (Pumice stone) and the other water floating type using Aluminium powder as an air entraining agent. This also shows the importance of water/cement ratio as in first type of concrete it relates to the smoothness of the surface and in second one it is a major factor which controls the expansion of concrete. INTRODUCTION:  Lightweight concrete can be defined as a type of concrete which includes an expanding agent in it that increases the volume of the mixture [...]

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Production of Self–compacting Concrete Using Crusher Rock and Marble Sludge Dusts.


M. Shahul Hameed, Faculty & Research Scholar, Dept. of Civil Engg., Sethu Institute of Technology, Kariapatti; P. Kathirvel, Faculty & Research Scholar, Dept. of Civil Engg., KLN College of Engg., Madurai, and Dr. A.S.S. Sekar, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Civil Engg., Alagappa Chettiyar College of Engg. & Tech., Karaikudi For many decades, concrete has largely been used as a construction material, whether in moderate aggressive environment, or in strong aggressive environment. By volume alone, concrete is the world's most important construction material. Self–compacting Concrete (SCC) as the name implies that the concrete requiring a very little or no vibration to fill the form [...]

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Concreting on moon…Waterless Concrete!


NASA plans to launch manned spacecraft to moon in 2020; but it hopes not just to land on the moon but also to establish longer-term bases for astronauts, and to accomplish this the astronauts will need to be able to build structures using resources that are readily available on the lunar surface. The structures will need to be able to withstand the harsh lunar environment, and for this reason concrete appears to be a suitable building material. Traditional concrete comprises a binder—cement and water—mixed with aggregates, but water will presumably be unavailable on the moon.  Dr. Houssam A. Toutanji, F.ASCE,  a professor at The [...]

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Lecture on Mix Design of Concrete by Dr .B.Bhattacharjee,Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Delhi.


Module 9 Lecture - 1 Mix Design of Concrete Lecture Series on Building Materials and Construction by Dr. B. Bhattacharjee, Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit Related articles IIT Delhi Graduate launches Aakash tablet's rival Classpad ( 10 Places to Get Free Online Education (

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Illustration of Mix Design of Concrete by ISI Method


The concrete is widely used construction material. The main ingredient of the concrete is cement, aggregates, water and admixtures. Due to the varying properties of the materials used in concrete, the design of concrete is not an easy task. The various methods of mix design are applied for determining the qualities & quantity of concrete. The objective of designing a mix is to produce a concrete of required strength, durability and workability as economically as possible. In our country, generally Indian Standard Institution (ISI) concrete design method is preferred and hence has been discussed. The use of Indian standard institution (ISI) [...]

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10 Things to Remember when doing Concrete Mix Design.


Good quality concrete starts with the quality of materials, cost effective designs is actually a by-product of selecting the best quality material and good construction practices. Following are 10 Things to remember during Concrete Mix Design and Concrete Trials. 1. ACI and other standards only serves as a guide, initial designs must be confirmed by laboratory trial and plant trial, adjustments on the design shall be done during trial mixes. Initial design “on paper” is never the final design. 2. Always carry out trial mixes using the materials for actual use. 3. Carry out 2 or 3 design variations for every [...]

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