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Slope Failures and Remedial Measures for Strategic Highway Construction in Hilly Terrain


Dr. S.S. Seehra, Senior Consultant (Roads & Highways), LEA Associates South Asia Pvt. Ltd. (Former Director – Grade Scientist & Area Adviser, CSIR-CRRI, New Delhi) Introduction Gravitational forces are always acting on a mass of soil or rock beneath a slope. As long as the strength of the mass is equal to or greater than the gravitational forces, the forces are in balance, the mass is in equilibrium and movement does not occur. An imbalance of forces results in slope failure and movement in the forms of creep, falls, [...]

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Production of Self–compacting Concrete Using Crusher Rock and Marble Sludge Dusts.


M. Shahul Hameed, Faculty & Research Scholar, Dept. of Civil Engg., Sethu Institute of Technology, Kariapatti; P. Kathirvel, Faculty & Research Scholar, Dept. of Civil Engg., KLN College of Engg., Madurai, and Dr. A.S.S. Sekar, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Civil Engg., Alagappa Chettiyar College of Engg. & Tech., Karaikudi For many decades, concrete has largely been used as a construction material, whether in moderate aggressive environment, or in strong aggressive environment. By volume alone, concrete is the world's most important construction material. Self–compacting Concrete (SCC) as the name implies that the concrete requiring a very little or no vibration to fill the form [...]

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IMI, KOLKATA – Colorful Expression of GLass in Architecture


  Designed and developed by Abin Design Studio, the Building IMI, Kolkata is inspired by nature. The sky with its various states and ever changing colors is one of the most dynamic elements of nature and this is what has inspired the built form façade. The colored laminate with Vanceva PVB glass on the façade follows no repetitive pattern and is symbolic of the unpredictable nature of the sky. It also represents the vibrancy of today’s youth. At a Glance Location : Kolkata Function : Education Site Area : 2.75 Acres Building Area : 5000 Sq M Total Floor Area : [...]

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Guidelines on Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures


Samir Surlaker & Sunny Surlaker, MC-Bauchemie India Private Limited Introduction Versatility of Concrete is an established fact on account of its mouldability and durability. This makes it attractive for use in varied exposure conditions. Vulnerability of concrete to deterioration has always been a cause of deep concern. Concrete Cover plays a key role in this phenomenon. Generally, the process of deterioration begins almost immediately after the casting. Basically from material science point of view, the durability of concrete structure is a direct function of achieving specified cover not only in dimensions but also in quality. Considering a mix of complicated construction, [...]

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A Bridge Built to Sway When the Earth Shakes


Mika O. Grondahl/The New York Times The new eastern span of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. The existing eastern bridge, far left, will be torn down after the new bridge is complete.SAN FRANCISCO — Venture deep inside the new skyway of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and it becomes clear that the bridge’s engineers have planned for the long term. Multimedia Interactive Feature A Replacement Bridge Rises on the Bay Enlarge This Image Dan Rosenstrauch/Contra Costa Times, via Associated Press FAILURE A section of the Bay Bridge collapsed in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. At intervals inside the elevated roadway’s box [...]

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Basement waterproofing- Requirements


Solution for Basement Waterproofing Ravindra Babu UB Marketing Manager, Fosroc Chemical India Pvt. Ltd. For the past 50 years Fosroc being world leader in construction chemical industry, and recognized as an effective solution provider in all areas of construction. Fosroc quality product can be found in nearly every major project around the globe. Every day, as the demand increases for enhanced structural integrity obsolete maintenance is the future mantra of construction industry, Fosroc products are being specified more often because they offer more long-term value. The reason goes beyond innovation and superior product performance. Fosroc customers credit the association of our [...]

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C.I. Soil Pipes Fittings & Manhole Covers from Singhal


Singhal Iron Foundary Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of C.I. Soil Pipes, fittings and manhole covers, being supplied in India under the brand name and style of "SIF" and has been serving the segment for the past 54 years. Most of the company’s products come with ISI marked and are manufactured strictly adhering to the norms of Bureau of Indian Standard Code IS:1729-2002 (not as an obsolete code IS:1729-1979) and IS:3989-2009. As the entire manufacturing process is being monitored by its highly skilled and professional team thereby the final products coming out from the company are 100% leak-proof & hot dip painted and [...]

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Concrete Aggregates- From Discarded Tyre Rubber


The scarcity and availability at reasonable rates of sand and aggregate are now giving anxiety to the construction industry. Over years, deforestation and extraction of natural aggregates from river beds, lakes and other water bodies have resulted in huge environmental problems. Erosion of the existing topography usually results in flooding and landslides. Moreover, the filtration of rain water achieved by deposits of natural sand is being lost, thereby causing contamination of water reserves used for human consumption. Hence, to prevent pollution authorities are imposing more and more stringent restrictions on the extraction of natural aggregates and its crushing. The best way [...]

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Concreting on moon…Waterless Concrete!


NASA plans to launch manned spacecraft to moon in 2020; but it hopes not just to land on the moon but also to establish longer-term bases for astronauts, and to accomplish this the astronauts will need to be able to build structures using resources that are readily available on the lunar surface. The structures will need to be able to withstand the harsh lunar environment, and for this reason concrete appears to be a suitable building material. Traditional concrete comprises a binder—cement and water—mixed with aggregates, but water will presumably be unavailable on the moon.  Dr. Houssam A. Toutanji, F.ASCE,  a professor at The [...]

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Elastomeric Coating


ELASTOMERIC COATING is a flexible protective coating based on styrene – acrylic copolymer for exterior or interior use. Applied as a liquid, it cures to form a durable, protective, waterproof membrane. It is a single component emulsion containing inert pigments and has a brushable consistency. ELASTOMERIC COATING exceeds all the requirements of a coating that resists carbonation and prevents chloride ion ingress. Elastomeric Coating is designed to waterproof exterior masonry substrates. Primary Uses ELASTOMERIC COATING is designed for the protection of concrete structures against carbonation and chloride ingress. The product is also suitable as a seamless and elastomeric waterproofing coating for [...]

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