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Development Of Light Weight Concrete


By Dhawal Desai IIT Bombay ABSTRACT  This paper deals with the development of two types of lightweight concrete the one using lightweight aggregate (Pumice stone) and the other water floating type using Aluminium powder as an air entraining agent. This also shows the importance of water/cement ratio as in first type of concrete it relates to the smoothness of the surface and in second one it is a major factor which controls the expansion of concrete. INTRODUCTION:  Lightweight concrete can be defined as a type of concrete which includes an expanding agent in it that increases the volume of the mixture [...]

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Kolkata Underground Car Park – Perfect Example of Using Sheet Piles as a Permanent Structure and With Top Down Construction Methodology


The two-level underground structure will feature a shopping mall and a carpark   Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is India's fourth largest city, a famous historic landmark, and the capital of West Bengal state. A period of economic stagnation followed the country's independence decades ago but has been replaced by a boom engendering rapid growth in all domains, including road traffic. The population of the eastern Indian mega-city currently exceeds 15 million. Several construction stages were considered when designing the sheet pile wall Part of the city's expansion included a new underground shopping mall with integral car park, to be built [...]

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Bandra Worli Sea Link – India’s Civil Marvel


When we talk about moving from western suburbs to islands of Mumbai, the only way out till today was Mahim causeway. But today with the grand opening of Bandra Worli Sea Link Project by Sonia Gandhi would make the life of commuters much more easy. Earlier with the non availability of any other route, the distance of 8 km took nearly 40 minutes but with the opening of this Indian engineering marvel, the distance would be covered in just under 10 minutes. Talking about the engineering side of this project, these two cable-stayed bridges, one 600-metre-long at Bandra channel and the [...]

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STP's Advance Waterproofing Products


STP Limited, a member of the Turner Morrison Group of company, is a leading quality driven organization for world-class waterproofing products, road surfacing products, anti-corrosive and construction chemical products. It has the second largest operation in the world in coal tar group of products. The clients have been counting on STP Limited since 1935 and since then it has been delivering result as one of the largest and most respected organizations in India. STP's manufacturing process is driven by the passion of excellence. Being an ISO-9001-2008 & 14007-2004 certified company; it has successfully catered to various govt. projects, private projects, railway [...]

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Sustainable Waterproofing Technology : Protecting Concrete and Environment


Sustainable Waterproofing Technology : Protecting Concrete and Environment   Water is the main cause of building decay and deterioration. Building materials have considerably shorter life span when subjected to water moisture over a prolonged period of time. The importance of waterproofing is reflected in the consequences of not doing proper waterproofing at the time of construction. Water which penetrates in concrete can have immediate and long-term effects on the building in the form of damage to building contents and even structural failure if the problem is not dealt quickly and successfully. Over the past few years, there have been technological advance- [...]

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Whitetopping- An Engineered Economical Long-lasting Solution for Distressed Roads


 Dr Rakesh Kumar, Scientist and Dr Renu Mathur, Scientist & HoD,Rigid Pavements Division, Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New DelhiWhitetopping is an engineered method of placement of concrete overlay on existing distressed bituminousas well as concrete roads. In India, whitetopping technology is being adopted at a very fast rate not only as a measure for overcoming commonly occurring distresses in bituminous roads but also for the purpose of enhancing load carrying capacity of the roads. Currently, this technology is being adopted for colonies and street roads of cities at a large scale. The thickness of whitetopping generally varies from four inches to ten inches. [...]

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Clean and Green Sustainability enabled hot mix plants – a must for today and a bright tomorrow


  Blesson Varghese MD Marini India "New developments in asphalt production technology delivery phenomenal reduction in the amount of energy used and green house gases emitted during the mix production. As an industry leader in the manufacturing and development of technologies, MARINI is committed to providing sustainable asphalt production technologies and superior pavement performance for a sustainable future." Much before "sustainability" became a buzzword in the industries world over, the asphalt industry especially in the west, had already initiated research and field trials that have constantly ensured the viability of asphalt as an environmentally sound construction material.The main reason for this runaway success [...]

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Euramax – Applies the power of color in metal cladding


Jorrit Scheepers, Euramax Coated Products is an international coil coating specialist that supplies pre-coated aluminium to roof and façade manufacturers worldwide. Euramax, with plants in Roermond (the Netherlands) and Corby (UK), works with many well-known manufacturers of façade systems, such as Hunter Douglas, Kingspan, Rigidal, Kalzip, Tiger, Interfalz, Euroclad and Aluform. Jorrit Scheepers, architectural support coordinator within the Euramax team, is the liaison between the architect and the paint plant. 'In 2005, we had an interesting conversation with Benoy architects during the Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF) in London. In a later meeting at their London office, we got [...]

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Redefining Bathrooms


Ar Apurva Bose Dutta Luxurious Bathroom Products from Gessi Goccia Collection (Picture Courtesy : FCML Luxurious Bathrooms) A luxurious ornate bathroom with gold fittings, a whirlpool bathtub with fibre - optic coloured lights attuning to the moods of the user, two smart sinks with sleek faucets, a sunken tub with sensors detecting the body temperature and adjusting the water accordingly, a shower enclosure with a digital panel. Today, the luxury bathroom is no longer the mere imagination of a Bollywood director. It has actually become the reality with common man's lifestyle changes having [...]

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Green And Intelligent Construction


Parisa Esmaeili Moakher Research Graduate ME (Construction & Management) Dr S.S.Pimplikar Professor & Head-Civil Department MIT- Pune   Continued challenges with the availability of fossil fuels and the impact of global warming are pushing building owners and developers toward projects that have a much higher level of energy efficiency .The challenge is that this efficiency needs to be provided, while at the same time supporting the overall building project goals including architectural, operational and occupant comfort .The result is the need for a "high performance" building where the building [...]

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