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Development Of Light Weight Concrete


By Dhawal Desai IIT Bombay ABSTRACT  This paper deals with the development of two types of lightweight concrete the one using lightweight aggregate (Pumice stone) and the other water floating type using Aluminium powder as an air entraining agent. This also shows the importance of water/cement ratio as in first type of concrete it relates to the smoothness of the surface and in second one it is a major factor which controls the expansion of concrete. INTRODUCTION:  Lightweight concrete can be defined as a type of concrete which includes an expanding agent in it that increases the volume of the mixture [...]

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Kolkata Underground Car Park – Perfect Example of Using Sheet Piles as a Permanent Structure and With Top Down Construction Methodology


The two-level underground structure will feature a shopping mall and a carpark   Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is India's fourth largest city, a famous historic landmark, and the capital of West Bengal state. A period of economic stagnation followed the country's independence decades ago but has been replaced by a boom engendering rapid growth in all domains, including road traffic. The population of the eastern Indian mega-city currently exceeds 15 million. Several construction stages were considered when designing the sheet pile wall Part of the city's expansion included a new underground shopping mall with integral car park, to be built [...]

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Bandra Worli Sea Link – India’s Civil Marvel


When we talk about moving from western suburbs to islands of Mumbai, the only way out till today was Mahim causeway. But today with the grand opening of Bandra Worli Sea Link Project by Sonia Gandhi would make the life of commuters much more easy. Earlier with the non availability of any other route, the distance of 8 km took nearly 40 minutes but with the opening of this Indian engineering marvel, the distance would be covered in just under 10 minutes. Talking about the engineering side of this project, these two cable-stayed bridges, one 600-metre-long at Bandra channel and the [...]

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Joint Sealants


By:Deepak Kanitkar DGM – Technology & Business Development Chembond Chemicals Limited, Mumbai. One of the most essential materials for making the Building Envelope waterproof is the joint sealant. Joints are there invariably in all civil constructions. According to material of construction, there are different kinds of joints. Some are only for joining, some are for accommodating the movements. Movements are mainly because of thermal gradients caused by temperature variations. There are also movements due to seismic activity, settlement, shrinkage, creep and dynamic loads, temperature variations due to processes etc. All joints which are formed due to above reasons must be properly [...]

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LTC to North East by Air : Relaxation extended


The relaxation for travel to North Eastern Region (NER) by Air is further extended for two more years beyond 1st May 2012. An order in this effect has been issued by DOPT today. View the Order In view of the above extension , the relaxation to travel Jammu and Kashmir by air is also likely to be extended. You might also like: Last date for LTC to Jammu and Kashmir and North East by Air Clarification on LTC to Jammu and Kashmir by air Relaxation of regulation of journey by Private Airlines on LTC for officials not entitled to travel on [...]

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“MASS RALLY” by Joint Front of Associations,CPWD on 12Dec.2018.