Basement waterproofing- Requirements

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Solution for Basement Waterproofing

solution for Basement Waterproofing
Ravindra Babu UB Marketing Manager, Fosroc Chemical India Pvt. Ltd.

For the past 50 years Fosroc being world leader in construction chemical industry, and recognized as an effective solution provider in all areas of construction. Fosroc quality product can be found in nearly every major project around the globe. Every day, as the demand increases for enhanced structural integrity obsolete maintenance is the future mantra of construction industry, Fosroc products are being specified more often because they offer more long-term value. The reason goes beyond innovation and superior product performance. Fosroc customers credit the association of our sales engineers as the single most important service the company offers, providing support throughout all phases of a project. Additionally, Fosroc offers highly skilled technical service personnel around the world to assist customers in the use of products. Furthermore, Fosroc dedication to the industry, through ongoing R&D, has resulted in many product improvements and a number of innovative products and systems with a heritage of proven performance backed by state-of-the-art technology.As a result, the world’s most important structures stand protected from the ravages of water, fire, erosion, corrosion and time.

Basement waterproofing-Risk involved

solution for Basement Waterproofing

Water either under hydrostatic pressure or by capillary action finds its way in to the below ground RCC structure causing leakage or dampness. This means the source of any leak could be a long way from where it shows inside the structure, making leak detection and repair almost impossible. Any differential ground settlement will make this problem worse. The membrane will settle with the ground, leaving it unsupported against groundwater pressure eventually failure of waterproofing system.

  • Water tightness to avoid ingress of water from below ground under hydrostatic pressure
  • High mechanical properties like puncture resistance to withstand abuses on membrane during construction activity
  • Good elongation and Flexibility to accommodate movements
  • Excellent bond to wet concrete surface
  • Protection layer over water- proofing membrane should not be mandatory
  • Even if membrane punctures water should not percolate through surface of membrane
  • Positive side waterproofing to the raft and retaining wall even in the absence of working space
  • Enable installation of water- proofing system effective under wet conditions of basement.

An Engineered Solution for basement waterproofing

Fosroc Proofex Engage has been specifically engineered for pre-applied applications. Proofex Engage developed and patented by Fosroc is a unique system comprising a complex cell mesh bonded to a polyethylene membrane, which allows poured concrete to interlock with the membrane forming a tenacious mechanical bond preventing water migration in case accidental damage occur. Proofex Engage is supplied with a selvedge on one side to provide sealed laps.Proofex Engage membranes are loose laid over compacted soil or secured vertically against formwork or diaphragm walls before the concrete is poured. Comprised a tough, durable HDPE film of 4 to 5mm thick Proofex Engage can be installed quickly and is ready for immediate placing of rebar and concrete without further protection.

solution for Basement Waterproofing
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