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Waterproofing Systems


               The waterproofing of buildings to prevent the ingress of water is an activity, which, perhaps is practiced in one form or the other, ever since the first building was built on earth. The methodology has been changing with the changes in architectural designs and availability of different building materials for construction. In the initial stages when stone was the main building construction material placed in position with mud or lime mortar, the emphasis used was to make the construction in such a way that the rainwater does not collect on the roofs. Hence old [...]

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Expecting Dopt order regarding the issue of ‘Date of Next Increment’


Employees whose DNI falls between 1st February to 1st June (Pre Revised Scale) issue… National Anomaly Committee - Agenda item No.5(v) – ‘Date of Next Increment’ The above said point regarding the anomaly relating to Rule 9 of the CCS (RP) Rules 2008, some of our readers were confused pertaining a news which came recently from our staff side members of National Anomaly Committee. The news was that, the decision of the recently concluded in fourth National Anomaly Committee (NAC Meeting) regarding the anomaly in annual increment arising due to the implementation of 6th Central Pay Commission Recommendations. The decision is [...]

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“MASS RALLY” by Joint Front of Associations,CPWD on 12Dec.2018.