"EPDM Membrane Waterproofing"

//"EPDM Membrane Waterproofing"

          “EPDM membrane is a lightweight, durable and weatherproof single-ply waterproofing membrane perfect for a wide variety of applications. It is an effective and high performance waterproofing system for contemporary structures, a 100% waterproofing mission. Also, it has exceptional elasticity and will not split or crack under normal building movement.”
  1. Quick & Easy to Install
  2. Extremely Flexible
  3. Excellent Weather Resistance
  4. Fish and Plant Friendly
  5. Superior Elongation
  6. High Flexibility
  7. Highly resistant to tearing and impact
  8. Superior water containment qualities
  9. Versatile
  10. Installation possible at very low temperature
  11. Convenient size packaging means less wastage
  12. Low maintenance
  13. Low profile to assist water flow and aesthetics
  14. Environmentally friendly
  1. Basements
  2. Podium decks
  3. Ponds including tailings ponds on mining sites
  4. Sloping and slabs
  5. Water reservoirs
  6. Swimming pool
Installation Methods

EPDM Membrane Waterproofing

Typicalinstallationmethods of EPDM include loose-laid ballasted, mechanically fastened and fully adhered systems. Since there is no heat or open flame associated with the installation of EPDM roofing systems, they are generally considered safer and easier to install. The seams along the edges of the EPDM sheets are typically adhered using a manufacturer supplied seam tape or a liquid adhesive.
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